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Glenn Evans

B2B Equipment and Technical Writing
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You are reading this because you are looking for a copywriter who has grown-up with Agricultural Machinery and who spent most of his working life with the Oil & Gas Industry. You require a person who knows about machinery and equipment, who can write e-mails and white papers but who is also capable of technical writing. Further, you want effective writing, which produces positive results. Although writing can be part of an international market, you probably are looking for someone who grew up in America and has capability with the English language. If I write for you, you are well assured your writer for the Agricultural industry knows about America, its citizens and what living in rural Nebraska is like. How can I make your work day simpler and more productive? If we were sitting across the table from each other, you would find ways of exploring my personality and capability. Many questions would surface. Perhaps you would wonder why a licensed engineer would ever consider writing self-help copy. It is an interesting question isn’t it? Maybe you would like to pursue it.

 It is well to stand for something and to befriend those who did you good. Some years ago, I did a program which was of enormous benefit to my life. It later evolved into Landmark and thousands and thousands of (certainly over a million) people have since attended. I knew quite a few of them. 

It was from this organization that the Hunger Project was initiated. Although some of the people who have been involved were very capable, intellectual and educational leaders there were lots of regular guys and gals like me.

 In honor and remembrance of those those days there is a link below to:

“Conversions for Transformation”.

Take a little time, read some of what Laurence Platt says and ponder it.

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United States Marine Corps



What Others are Saying

“…you inspire people…”

I remember you for being a good listener and for providing great advice to your team. Having someone like you supporting your team encourages us to do better and work harder. You are great in solving challenges and you inspire the people around you.

Marc Corpuz

Senior Engineer, KBR-AMCDE

“…knows that words have precise meanings…”

Once there was a problem with Saudi Aramco not accepting the way a vendor tested a pipeline valve. Glenn wrote a letter to them explaining the test was acceptable; he was successful because words have precise meanings. He explained that the Aramco requirement to carry out an action “as applicable” meant the instruction as given was not a specific requirement. After review, Saudi Aramco agreed.

Arnel Opalec

Lead Piping Engineer, KBR-AMCDE

“…expresses himself clearly…”

Glenn writes as well as anyone I ever met; he is speedy, expresses himself clearly and is usually very accurate. He is needed in our company because such a large part of our business is in sales and this requires letters. We also note that he is congenial and flexible.

Hinan Sarwar

Sales Manager, KEKSA

Contact Me

Call me today at 966-50-809-6929. However, you should keep in mind that there will be a time difference of several hours. A good time for your call would be between 12:00 Noon and 3:00PM Eastern. If you are not sure when we could talk you could first send me an e-mail. There is no cost for a discussion or an estimate and, of course, there is no obligation to proceed. (Although I was born in Nebraska, I am currently working in Saudi Arabia.)


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